Have Fun at the Kids' Club Lounge

Hang Out With Friends In A Safe Environment

The Kids' Social Club at DreamTeam Academy is a fun, safe place for kids to socialize and unwind after a long day of school / camp or on the weekends.

The Kids Club Features:
• Curated, E10+, non-violent games on the latest Xbox, PS4, and Wii gaming systems
 Vintage arcade games
 Chess and board games
 Seasonal guest speakers
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Study or Meet in the Boardroom

The Boardroom at DreamTeam Academy functions as our homework room during the school year but can also be used for birthday parties, private events or meetings.

• Large conference table with seating for 12 - 15
• SVGA overhead projector and screen
• Large whiteboard

        A Place to Relax and Reflect

The Relaxation Room at DreamTeam Academy is a quiet room where kids can read, unwind, and reflect on the day’s events.

It includes:
• Gentle massage chairs
 A library with lots of great books
 Bean bags for lounging and relaxing
 Comforting décor and lighting
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